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Using brand positioning as a way to connect nature-loving, eco-centered customers to products they love.

Recycled content packaging

Sustainable materials like Mirum®

Many products using Algae Ink®

Wild Routed builds sustainability into almost everything they make. Because it’s better for you. And better for our planet.

Sustainability by design means using practices, materials and methods to create products that do less harm to our environment. That’s why they partner with eco-conscious vendors who share the commitment to reducing waste and minimizing our impact on the planet. 
Using carbon-negative Algae Ink® from Living Ink Tech, Eco-friendly shipping materials from EcoEnclose and a true plant-based leather MIRUM® by NFW®

“Consumers have become more sensitive to the environmental impact of their shopping decisions—and companies are responding.”

We design and illustrate graphics and select product bases that are as eco-conscious as possible. From cotton tees to recyclable poly bags they ship in.

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Outdoor Recreational Lifestyle Brand

Services Offered

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Product Design

Packaging Design

User Experience


Sustainability Consulting

GS1 – Barcode Creation and Management

Materials & Methods


Living Ink Technology

Plan It Green Printing

Bella Canvas

Next Level

Stony Creek Colors


A lifestyle brand focused on nurturing people and doing it as sustainably as possible.

Wild Routed products use transparent clothing makers like Bella Canvas and eco-friendly shipping/shopping material and Algae Ink®.  Reach out with any questions… we’re here to help.

All Wild Routed products are designed by our hands and focused on closing the loop.

All of our designs start with hand sketched ideations...

Graphic tee and bandana fabrics are selected based on the most eco-conscious options available and transparency of production.

Earth-Friendly Materials & Methods:

  • Eco-enclose poly bags, tissue and tape
  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Living Ink Technology – algae ink®
  • Natural Fiber Welding’s – Plant-based leather alternative called Mirum®
WildRouted Ecoenclose Living Ink Tech Algae Ink

With you at every step from the first meeting to the delivered product.

We’ve partnered with trusted vendors in the sustainability industry and use our eco experience on your project… leaving a lasting impact of your brand on the world; while minimizing your impact on the environment.

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"Rootlebox's knowledge of eco-friendly materials and methods, like screen-printing with algae ink, has given us a path towards circularity for the products we offer. "

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