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Local honey that comes in three seasons.

The McCarthys began beekeeping in 2015 as a way to better connect with a love of the outdoors and to do their small part in supporting pollinators. 

What started as a backyard hobby eventually became a business. The demand for local honey allowed them to continue to expand the apiary.

Hilltop Honey is a hive-to-jar beekeeping operation. This means the honey you purchase is produced by their bees and harvested by their hands… ensuring the purest honey of the highest quality.

This honey is raw, unfiltered, and produced locally in Central Illinois. The color and taste that varies by season. To showcase that, we harvest multiple times throughout the year to provide three distinct, seasonal varietals.

We prescribed lighter weight plastic juice bottles to replace the original heavier plastic patterned vessels. Brand differentiators were designed and illustrated to speak specifically to the consumer at point of purchase. By relating information visually, customers can get connected with the brand of honey they desire… quickly.

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Communicating quality through label design...

The McCarthy’s are passionate about making top-quality honey for people who want local honey.  

Reducing materials equals cost saving and opportunities to recycle:

  • Light-weight plastic juice bottles
  • Sustainable wood and metal displays


Reach out with any questions… we’re here to help.

Hilltop Honey Co. offers bees and butterflies a place to pollinate and provides customers with honey direct from the beekeeper. We designed brand icons to help consumers see that HH Co. is passionate about pollinators right from the bottle.

Hilltop Honey Custom Differentiator icons

All of our designs start with hand sketching ideations...

Colors, textures and illustrations are all decided at this stage to ensure the brand voice comes through strong and authentically. We design from scratch allowing the true nature of the brand to shine through.

Recyclable Materials:

  • #1 plastics
Hilltop Honey Spring 3lb Squeeze Bottle Front
Hilltop Honey Spring 3lb Squeeze Bottle Left
Hilltop Honey Spring 3lb Squeeze Bottle Back
Hilltop Honey Spring 3lb Squeeze Bottle Right

We're with you every step from idea to finished product.

We’ve already done the leg work, so you don’t have to. We work with trusted vendors in the sustainability industry and pass those materials and methods to your project. Leaving a lasting impact of your brand on the world; while minimizing your impact on the environment.

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