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Building a quality hand-made brand, from the ground up, for beard-loving customers.

Recyclable content packaging

Sustainable packaging from Ecoenclose

99% plastic-free packaging

Ethical Grooming Products For Beardsmen.

Beard Bros.’ commitment to naturally-sourced products begins with a personal connection to the earth and its surroundings. Hands-on woodworking experience, respect for wildlife, and an appreciation of all things nature-inspired sets the tone for their vision, resulting in high standards for their line of handmade, small-batch grooming products.

Men and their partners will appreciate an assortment of soaps, balms, and oils with no harsh chemicals—all created to treat skin and facial hair safely and naturally.

The environment benefits from sustainable practices, too, like printing labels with algae ink® (which cuts fossil fuel use entirely out of the process) and packaging with 99% plastic-free materials. It’s a win-win for all on this planet. 

We prescribed eco-alternative materials like recyclable corrugated cardboard boxes printed with carbon-neutral algae ink®, recyclable metal containers, and glass bottles.

Renewable packaging, compostable / recycled corrugated cardboard boxes, and other packaging materials that contribute less waste, is a win for the planet.

Dan and Pat are the Beard Bros. Their passions as beardsmen, hunters, athletes, and a veteran situate them among other beardsmen who need grooming products that work well. So they decided to step up and make it happen.

The Beard Bros. handmade, small-batch grooming products include an assortment of soapsbalms, and oils without harsh chemicals.

Beard Bros. products treat facial hair and skin safely and naturally, and sustainable production processes benefit the environment – from algae ink® labels to 99% plastic-free compostable packaging.

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Taking the intangible to tangible...

Dan and Pat started Beard Brothers with an idea and a dream. We helped them turn that dream into a beautifully, hand-crafted product line that their customers are proud to use.

Earth-Friendly Materials & Methods:

  • Ecoenclose boxes and shred
  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Living Ink Technology – algae ink®
  • Sustainable wood and metal displays


Reach out with any questions… we’re here to help.

All Beard Brothers products are hand-made using sustainable, high-end ingredients; no plastics used.

All of our designs start with hand sketching ideations...

Colors, textures and illustrations are all decided at this stage to ensure the brand voice comes through strong and authentically. We design from scratch allowing the true nature of the brand to shine through.

Earth-Friendly Materials & Methods:

  • ecoenclose – shipping products (boxes, labels, etc)
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Living Ink Technology – algae ink®

We're with you every step from idea to finished product.

We’ve already done the leg work, so you don’t have to. We work with trusted vendors in the sustainability industry and pass those materials and methods to your project. Leaving a lasting impact of your brand on the world; while minimizing your impact on the environment.

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