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Get Ready to Grow

From the Ground Up, Brand Plan

Get your business ready to grow with a Brand Plan. Whether you’re just starting out or rebranding, this package gets your vision and voice clear and helps you prioritize the right elements of your brand that align with goals. Scroll down to see how we work.

  • Discovery: 2, 1.5 hr one-on-one
  • Logo: 2 design concepts w/ style boards and 1 set revisions
  • Plan/Strategy Guide
  • Brand Guide to Visual Elements
  • Digital graphics (print and digital formats)


Starting at $3800

Our Brand Audit Kit is a great place to see where your brand is currently at, and where you need to go next. It includes 2 hours of one-on-one design consultation and recommendations for the best next steps in your visual brand strategy.


  • 2 hr meet up, one-on-one with a high-level review and plan of action PDF


Investment: $600

Brand Coaching

Listen First, Prescribe Second

Un-earthing your company’s uniqueness is our specialty. Listening, reflecting, and gathering the gold nuggets bring to light what makes your company special. We call these differentiators and shining a spotlight on these helps you rise above the competition.

One-on-one (or group) sessions provide a safe space for ALL ideas, goals and solutions to be vetted. Collaboration of team members bring a special mix that offers untapped potential for your brand or business.

We start with design-thinking games to tap the sense of play and transition into a series of fun written exercises together. Making lists, curating words and phrases… gathering information and formatting it into actionable plans.

Here as your expert creative designer, we take the time for true discovery. Whether you’ve decided to launch, want extra insight on a current model, or need a plan to keep everything in the correct rows…

We have two packages available:

  • One-Time Session: $525 » 2 hrs
  • 6-mo subscription: $250/mo » One 2 hr session/mo (pre-paid)

We also provide sketch note-taking packages

Sketch note-taking is a way to visually record meetings, events and even company goals.

The Big Table Community Event live sketch graphic note taking By Diana Ingles

Visuals can be used for photo backdrops, or framed as a piece of art for your office space.

Starting at $3,400

Go to Market

Commerce Your Way

For both brick-n-mortar and on-line stores, we dig deep to set plans that drive sales and connect your brand’s overall vision and desired experience to customers.

Our collective process insures that your ideas/goals are integrated into that just-right human experience… from cultivating gold nuggets to planing market position.

From discovery to design implementation…using your unique brand guide, Rootlebox works one-on-one to make your packaging visions come to life through eco-conscious materials, methods and design that delights. 

Starting at $1,500 (see our Ready to Grow package if you don’t already have a brand identity: voice, vision, and visuals) 


  • Three 1-hour meetups
  • packaging mock ups
  • print consulting for best materials/methods
  • design files ready for print
Does your product packaging match your sustainable brand culture?
Can your customers immediately understand your values when they see how you present your product?
Rootlebox specializes in making your packaging visions come to life and your commitment to sustainability shine through eco-conscious materials, methods, and design that delights customers.
This includes:
  • 2-hour Discovery Session
  • PDF deliverable with the results and prescription

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